Internet Marketing Trends of 2014

10 Mar

Internet is the platform that has altered the way information is shared and understood, which has also impacted the strategies of all digital marketing company drastically. There is a great shift towards inbound mechanisms, whereas several outbound techniques have gone obsolete. Enterprises are discovering success through original content rather than placing advertisements in external content, due to the added advantage that these mechanisms offer, like branding and customer acquisition.

Given these new tactics, there are certain very clear trends that are going to be used by every digital marketing company in Mumbai and all over the world in the year 2014.

Content Marketing will become Hot Cake

Companies will establish authority and earn trust of consumers by consistently developing unmatched content via various channels. This may involve related industry data offering insight or entertainment to the audience. This tactics will build rapport for company with its demographic and generate customer loyalty.

Diversification in Social Media Marketing Will be Witnesses

Social media will be deemed as the most effective platform of great marketing campaigns for enterprises that will include biggies like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. They will become imperative marketing platform for every business to reach their audiences. Some social media platforms may never take off, but some like Pinterest, Google+, Instagram would touch new heights of popularity, offering businesses with a range of options to create engaging content in a large gamut of media forms and develop their audiences all over the channels than ever before.

Infographics will Rule the Roost

Due to heap of advertisements, it will become more important to make easily digestible content. The answer would be inforgraphics – some well-placed images to break content up and focus on certain points. It also will have a winning combination of images with least text to explain any topic offering statistical data from research studies.

Less Will become More

Simple and easily understandable marketing messages would replace in-depth messages. Top brands like Google and Apple clearly regard simplicity. Thus marketing strategies would not only be simple, but promote services that would serve to simplify consumer’s life.

Content would be Mobile-Friendly

The ubiquitous use of smartphones and tabs would compel all businesses to create mobile- friendly content for customers to reach wider spectrum of market.

Ad Retargeting Would be Effective

This marketing strategy has caught on recently. It works by leveraging cookies to track the products and services users visit to show them in advertisements in different websites. Ad retargeting would increase the conversion rate by reminding consumers the product and services, keeping the brand and the product fresh in the consumer’s mind.


These are the trendiest online marketing techniques that majority of internet marketing company in Ahmedabad or anywhere across the globe would follow in 2014.

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