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5 Great Social Media Marketing Strategies

Social media marketing is one of the most popular and effective tool that takes time, dedication, consistency and effort. Unless you are willing to invest in social media, it can never drive desired results.

It’s not about signing on to tweeter, Facebook and creating a great profile, but how to get, share and add value into your social media strategy is of the essence. To get the best results it is always recommended to deploy some highly professional social media agency!

It is all about learning and nurturing relationships. The most successful social media phases include:

• Content
• Social Search
• Social Bookmarking
• Social Networks


Content is the stepping stone of social media campaigns. It leaves a longer impression than anything else. Content engages your target audience and brings profitable action for your business. Informative and engaging content in equal interval of time is important for any business to earn right social media marketing results.


RSS is great way of collecting information that offers idea and enables you think of new topics. It also provides information that you would like to share with your networks. It stands for Real Simple Syndication that collects and filters content for particular subjects that interests you and your audience.

Social Search

Social search has emerged as one of the most prominent searches in the last few years. It is the fusion of personal social results and its social graph in public search listings. It lists what others say about your business on social networks. Social platform not only stimulates conversation, but it also maintains your reputation. By sharing or posting content, it appears in the search engine results of those that are having your business in their social graph.

Social Bookmarking

This tool is a way of finding and bookmarking the great sites of your interest all over the web. It develops valuable links and empowers your content to improve the ranking of your business in search engine results. This indexes your website in popular search engines.

Social Networks

Finally, social networks allow you to find your potential prospects in social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+ but it will also require you to implement the above said steps. Social networks are highly valuable for your business, but it requires content and engagement of your audiences.


Social media marketing does work, but it is no overnight mechanism that can yield results. It all takes time and investment of your valuable efforts and time. Of course right social media marketing strategies can yield great results. If you are based in Mumbai there are several social media agencies in Mumbai offering well planned and result driven online marketing results.

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